Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Earth is going to hell.

The flames will rise from the oceans and the land will turn to lava if this happens.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Peavy, Pussies and Grabow

White Sox acquire Jake "the Snake" Peavy. Okay, I made that nickname up, but Jake Peavy is now a member of the White Sox. They gave the Padres Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Dexter Carter, and AdamRussell.

Cubs added two lhp's as the Pirates continue to decide that they don't want their good players anymore. John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny are now new Cubs. They sent Kevin Hart, Jose Ascanio, and Josh Harrison to Pittsburgh.

Bobby Wade says "It is what it is" in regards to the Urlacher-Cutler situation, then he called Percy Harvin a part of the female anatomy.

Buncha people got traded today in baseball - check it
out here.

Another Blackhawks f*** up? Are the fans allowed to 'boo' John McDonough yet?

Tyler Hans-don't-taze-me-brough is injured, which is funny 'cause he's bad.

And last but not least --


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wayne and Janet Gretzky

I don't really have anything to say about this, but when I showed it to Bellwether, he demanded that I share this picture with all of you. So enjoy --

Buehrle, Fonzy, Pussies and other things

Vikings receiver (and former Bear) Bobby Wade says Brian Urlacher thinks Jay Cutler is a "Pussy." In response to this, Jay Cutler has officially uninvited Bobby Wade to his birthday party and Brian Urlacher is no longer allowed to sit at his lunch table.

Mark Buehrle is really good, but the Sox are still bad.

You can't see Alfonso Soriano when he hits walk off grand slams. He loves John Cena.

Bartolo Colon is bad at baseball and is now on the DL. Brought up a left-hander and I'm assuming they put Clayton Richard back in the rotation.

First Brian Anderson wanted out, and he was given a trade. Now Josh Fields has been beating down Kenny Williams door telling him that he wants out.

The Mariners throw a bunch of players at the Pirates for Ian Snell and Jack Wilson.

Tim Kurkjian talks about the pitch count.

EA released the playlists for Madden 10, NBA 10 and NHL 10.

Cliff Lee is a Phillie now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson dead at 68

One of the most influential coordinators in NFL history. Johnson mentored future NFL coaches and coodrinators Steve Spagnola, John Harbaugh, Ron Rivera, and Leslie Frazier. You can read his obit here and another here

Monday, July 27, 2009

This week in Chicago Sports...

The Cubs open up a four game series vs Houston in Wrigley starting with two decent pitching match-ups. Today is Zambrano vs Wandy Rodriguez and tomorrow the Cubs welcome back Ryan Dempster vs Roy Oswalt.

The White Sox are up in the Metrodome for a three game series vs the Twins. Carlos Quentin will test his foot on the artificial turf and will be in the starting line-up tonight.

Trade deadline is this Friday, still a lot of rumors flying around both teams.

Another thing that happens Friday is.... BEAR-BONAIS. Training camp is here, and so is Jay Cutler. Its about damn time.


Jay Mariotti adores Mark Buehrle's charm.

Rumors and Rants' Phillips thinks Alphonso Soriano is one of the top three "immovable players" in Major League Baseball.

The Sun Times' Brad Briggs does some Jay Cutler math.

Lisa Olson of AOL Fanhouse thinks Curtis Granderson is a good person, and drops the word 'altruistic' on us.

Here is Fox Sports' really bad NFL Power Rankings.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baseball and stuff

Ted Lilly on the DL + Matt Holliday is a Cardinal now + rumors of Milton Bradley going to the Tigers = one effed up week for the Cubs. It will be interesting to see if the Cubs add or subtract anything from this team to bulk up for their run at the NL Central. Rumors surrounding the addition of George Sherrill and/or Adam Dunn have been making the rounds. Of those two I would put more money on the Sherrill acquisition, but I doubt either of them happen.

The White Sox have been pretty bad lately. Leaving crap loads of guys on base. Bobby Jenks has blown two big saves in a row. Scott Linebrink is either injured and sucks or is just bad and sucks. Rumors are flying around that team as well. Ozzie has said that he thinks nothing will happen, but I don't think you can ever count out the Sox making a splash while Kenny Williams is GM. Names that have been floating around have been Roy Halladay, Dan Haren, Zack Duke, and Justin Duchscherer, but for some reason I doubt the Sox add anything of substance before the deadline.

With all that being said and with the MLB trade deadline getting ever so closer, I thought I would share these two gems with you guys:

Jerry Crasnick grades nine blockbuster trades in response to the "Roy Halladay Sweepstakes."

Sports Illustrated gives us 25 of the best deadline deals.

Bears training camp is less than six days away...